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Articles Tagged: Zimmers

A Cool Date at Kibbutz Kinneret – with Villa Rimona Zimmers – Funny Video

I've heard of a single malt, or a wine tasting lesson,,, but "date tasting?!" Ron and Omri were on hand at the Kibbutz Kinneret Factory outlet store called Tamarim Plus- to offer explanations and a "Date Tasting" lesson in this funny video.

Klezmer Music Festival in Tsfat

Last week was the Klezmer Music Festival in Tzfat. People come from all over Israel (and the world) for the mult-day event. There are bands everywhere throughout the Old City of Tzfat. Vendors sell cotton candy, crepes and other fast food while jewelers and...

Horsing around the Golan with Villa Rimona Zimmers, Yavne’el

It's only a short drive from our Zimmers in Yavniel to the Golan Heights. Take a breathtaking drive up the mountains to Chavot Ramot Stables above Ramot on the Golan Heights. The views are stunning and you can spend the afternoon riding the country...

Rebbetzen Lori Palatnik of JWRP visits Villa Rimona

Our dear friend and colleague, world-renowned author and lecturer Rebbetzen Lori Palatnik of the Jewish Women's Renaissance Project (JWRP) stayed with us at Villa Rimona over Shabbos recently along with the Jesmer family. Lori and Tzivia Jesmer had just...

Be our Neighbor – Villa with 2 Zimmers for sale in Yavne’el

Since we've moved up to Yavne'el in the Galil, we've been surprised how much interest there is among other people like us to move up here. The relatively inexpensive prices (compared to the center of the country) combined with potential income from Zimmers...