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Articles Tagged: village israel

Be our neighbor – Beautiful Villa in Smadar / Yavniel Galilee

We haven't yet moved to Yavniel, but a couple of friends of the people we are buying from have contacted us to see if we can help them sell their properties. In this case, the owner in America wants to sell the whole Villa "as is." EVERYTHING is included......

Funny thing happened on the way to Tiberias —- Yavniel

Recently I noted on my FACEBOOK PAGE that we were going up to Tiberias to look at apartments. Phineas and Ja'el Batya Hatch, whom I know from Toronto, suggested we stop by their home in Yavniel on the way. They're trying to encourage more anglo families to...

Luxury short-term rental in Jerusalem – near Kotel and Ben Yehuda

If you are looking for a luxury short-term rental apartment in Jerusalem, this is a fabulous garden apartment near the Old City. It's a short walk to the Kotel and Ben Yehuda. Book now for summer.. (Video - 3m)

Apartment hunting can be dangerous

Chana and Esther Leah have been having a lot of fun checking out new building projects in Modiin. Think they can start a trend with their new head coverings?

Rare Double Rainbow in Modiin

It rained in almost the whole country today. We got wet in Beit Shemesh while our daughter got rained on in Eilat. We had to look at some apartments in Modiin this afternoon with a client and just as we arrived, the sun broke through to the west over the...