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Articles Tagged: Tel Aviv

Ra’anana – Drive Through – and Dinner with Friends

For a long time, Ra'anana has been a community of choice for English speakers who want to live near Tel-Aviv. There are a number of vibrant synagogues catering to the South African, American and Canadian immigrants. We had a number of Toronto friends in...

Paraflying over Herzylia Beach – Village Israel

Recently on a trip back from looking for apartments in Netanya, Chana spotted this guy paraflying over the Herzliya Beach as the sun was setting over the Mediterranean Sea. I'm not sure which was the greater sporting feat... the paraflyer's stunts or...

Anglo Saxon: Housing prices in Tel Aviv to remain steady

We at Village Israel don't mind reporting on the activities of other agencies as we work cooperatively with many of the best. Anyway, at a recent news conference arranged by Anglo Saxon real estate agency, new owner Ronen Shitrit predicted that housing prices...

WSJ blogs Israel’s Red-Hot Housing Market

I couldn't resist posting this video blog by the Wall Street Journal I saw today. They are mainly focusing on the Tel Aviv luxury apartments where some say that prices have bubbled, but across the board in Israel, prices for apartments in Israel have...

Shalom in the Israeli Army – Graduation from Basic Training Ceremony (3 min)

If you ever wanted to visit an Israeli Army Base, now you can join us as we take part in Shalom's "Tekes HaShba'ah" - (Swearing in Ceremony after Basic Training). Watch the 3 minute video now...

Meet us at the Hilton on Saturday Night in Tel Aviv

Saturday nights start early in the winter. Lot's of time to meet some visiting friends from New York at the Hilton for some champagne.

Faster than a Speeding Renault

The highspeed train from Modiin to Tel Aviv moves faster than the traffic. Another reason to leave the car at home and forget about parking.