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Articles Tagged: real estate

Doomsday Investing? Try Israel real estate.

This video about Doomsday Investing was produced by Dow Jones wire service and appeared on the prestigious investment site. Investor Peter Schiff invests as if the U.S. economy will collapse, which involves moving money offshore, a move he...

R’ Shmuel Veffer on Arutz 7 “LandMinds” Radio Show

I was about to post some new homes we have for sale in Yavne'el when my friend David Willner called offering to interview me on his "LandMinds" show on Arutz 7 radio. Is there a future for Diaspora Jewry? How can we connect them to Judaism and the Land of...

Who Saved the Israeli Economy?

The Israeli economy's rate of growth has returned to the levels prior to the start of the sub-prime crisis in the summer of 2007. The growth in GDP can be explained by an impressive rise in exports of goods and services - almost 16% on an annualized basis...