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Articles Tagged: Ramat Eshkol

Rare Opportunity: A few private homes in Moshav Matityahu

(2 min video) This is a rare opportunity to own your own home in the English-speaking chareidi community of Moshav Mattitiyahu, under the guidance of Rabbi Zev Leff. It`s within close walking distance to Kiryat Sefer for schools, shopping and services. Only...

Retirement Residence in Jerusalem – Forever young in Village Israel

Every week we take time out from looking for apartments in Jerusalem to visit Nana in her retirement residence in Ramat Eshkol. Many people delay moving to Israel because of elderly parents, thinking there's no appropriate accommodation for seniors in Israel....

Yummy sufganiot for Chanukah in Ramat Eshkol

We were visiting my mother-in-law in Ramat Eshkol the other day and walked by these irresistable, yummy, sufganiot (jelly filled donuts). From the beginning of the month of Kislev, all the bakeries start making this traditional (Israeli) Chanukah treat....