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Articles Tagged: rain

Purim in the streets of Village Israel

There's nothing like Purim in Israel. Even though we had a lot of rain on both days (which helped bring the Kinneret above the bottom red line level!), the streets were still flooded with people in costume. We first went to visit Moshav Mattityahu to see...

Rain in Jerusalem and the Negev after the rain

Most of the country experienced heavy rainfall this week leading to flash floods in the Negev and washed out streets in Haifa. Normally dry Wadis were flowing with water and ponds formed around trees in the desert. Here are a few photos of the trip...

Rare Double Rainbow in Modiin

It rained in almost the whole country today. We got wet in Beit Shemesh while our daughter got rained on in Eilat. We had to look at some apartments in Modiin this afternoon with a client and just as we arrived, the sun broke through to the west over the...