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Articles Tagged: Paraflying

Be our neighbor – Beautiful Villa in Smadar / Yavniel Galilee

We haven't yet moved to Yavniel, but a couple of friends of the people we are buying from have contacted us to see if we can help them sell their properties. In this case, the owner in America wants to sell the whole Villa "as is." EVERYTHING is included......

Hang Gliding, Para Gliding and Paramotoring Heaven in Israel

Turns out that the mountain in the backyard of our new Villa in Yavniel is an ideal spot to hang glide from. My kids are really excited about that, especially since there's a club that will arrange "tandem" flights (which means you strap in with a...

Paraflying over Herzylia Beach – Village Israel

Recently on a trip back from looking for apartments in Netanya, Chana spotted this guy paraflying over the Herzliya Beach as the sun was setting over the Mediterranean Sea. I'm not sure which was the greater sporting feat... the paraflyer's stunts or...