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Articles Tagged: negev

ALYN – Ride in the Negev – Mitzpe Ramon and more

Our friend Eric from Toronto came to visit us in Yavne'el after his charity bicycle ride to support ALYN hospital. He showed us his raw footage and it was so stunning I had to put together a video. I was amazed how he could record video while he was riding...

Rain in Jerusalem and the Negev after the rain

Most of the country experienced heavy rainfall this week leading to flash floods in the Negev and washed out streets in Haifa. Normally dry Wadis were flowing with water and ponds formed around trees in the desert. Here are a few photos of the trip...

New Chareidi (Ultra-orthodox) Town in the Negev?!

The government’s general planning committee decided yesterday to recommend the establishment of a new Ultra-Orthodox town in the Negev. Ten thousand apartments will be built to house 50,000 people. The town will be built near Arad, at the Tel-Arad...