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Articles Tagged: Modiin

Hashmonaim – Anglo community near Modiin and the ancient home of the Maccabi’s

It’s Chanukah so I thought I’d take you to the land of the Maccabi’s. This is a drive thru of Hashmonaim. It is located a few minutes away from the town of Modiin. The community is made up of mostly modern orthodox and some modern charedi...

Chol Hamoed: Passover Vacation in Village Israel (2min video)

For an afikoman prize we gave our granddaughters a donkey ride. Moshav Zanoah down the road from our apartment in Beit Shemesh had animals to pet, donkeys to ride and an inflatable castle to jump in. After a visit to the new artificial lake at Modiin, we had...

Shalom in the Israeli Army – Graduation from Basic Training Ceremony (3 min)

If you ever wanted to visit an Israeli Army Base, now you can join us as we take part in Shalom's "Tekes HaShba'ah" - (Swearing in Ceremony after Basic Training). Watch the 3 minute video now...

Faster than a Speeding Renault

The highspeed train from Modiin to Tel Aviv moves faster than the traffic. Another reason to leave the car at home and forget about parking.

Apartment hunting can be dangerous

Chana and Esther Leah have been having a lot of fun checking out new building projects in Modiin. Think they can start a trend with their new head coverings?

Rare Double Rainbow in Modiin

It rained in almost the whole country today. We got wet in Beit Shemesh while our daughter got rained on in Eilat. We had to look at some apartments in Modiin this afternoon with a client and just as we arrived, the sun broke through to the west over the...

Let’s meet at Mamilla Motzei Shabbos

Beginning in November, Shabbat goes out really early giving lot’s of time for friends to meet in Jerusalem (Video below). Whether you’re coming from Beit Shemesh, Modiin, or a suburb of Jerusalem it’s just a short drive by car or bus to meet...

Modiin for Torontonians

In order to give you a perspective of the size of Modiin for Torontonians, I’ve overlaid a map of Toronto onto Modiin. If you line up say the Village Shul in Toronto with the new Ashkenazi Shul being built in the Moriah neighbourhood of Modiin, then the...