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Articles Tagged: Jordan Valley

Dream Cedar House in Yavne’el – Be our Neighbor! – SOLD

This unique house was lovingly designed by Dalia who was born in Yavne'el and her husband Barry who is originally from the USA. After looking through magazines, they asked American architects to design their house, purchase the materials and ship everything...

Tour: Stunning views of the Shomron

Chol Hamoed Pesach is a time when the whole country seems to go on a tiyul. Many people travel up to the Galilee and the Golan. Join us on a stunning drive from Modiin to the Jordan Valley via the Shomron. (1.5 min vid)

Jerusalem to Tiberias in 2 Minutes

We had a great week hunting for vacation apartments in Tiberias. We made two trips. The first was from Jerusalem via the Jordan Valley past Jericho, through Beit Shean and on to Tiberias. It took around two....