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Articles Tagged: apartment in israel

Doomsday Investing? Try Israel real estate.

This video about Doomsday Investing was produced by Dow Jones wire service and appeared on the prestigious investment site. Investor Peter Schiff invests as if the U.S. economy will collapse, which involves moving money offshore, a move he...

Highest Beachfront Penthouse in the Country – in Netanya

Over Chol HaMoed Sukkot we were in Netanya and were invited by the owner of the highest beachfront penthouse in Israel to see it. It is two stories high with an incredible view. Includes it's own outdoor pool and hot tub as well as indoor sauna. Rather than...

Country Vacation Apartment for Sale – Yavne’el Israel

Lovely, well maintained 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Yavne'el. At NIS 500,000 this could be a great vacation apartment for anyone living in the center of the country looking for a base in the Galilee. Ten minutes from the separate beach on the Kinneret and...

Luxury short-term rental in Jerusalem – near Kotel and Ben Yehuda

If you are looking for a luxury short-term rental apartment in Jerusalem, this is a fabulous garden apartment near the Old City. It's a short walk to the Kotel and Ben Yehuda. Book now for summer.. (Video - 3m)

New Chareidi (Ultra-orthodox) Town in the Negev?!

The government’s general planning committee decided yesterday to recommend the establishment of a new Ultra-Orthodox town in the Negev. Ten thousand apartments will be built to house 50,000 people. The town will be built near Arad, at the Tel-Arad...