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Be our Neighbor – Villa with 2 Zimmers for sale in Yavne’el

Since we've moved up to Yavne'el in the Galil, we've been surprised how much interest there is among other people like us to move up here. The relatively inexpensive prices (compared to the center of the country) combined with potential income from Zimmers...

Down on the farm – in Yavneel

Between the hustle and bustle of unpacking boxes, spending time with visiting family, friends, handymen, painters and gardeners we've still had some time to meet some neighbors and explore our little village. One fascinating neighbor is Tzila and her...

Rare Opportunity: A few private homes in Moshav Matityahu

(2 min video) This is a rare opportunity to own your own home in the English-speaking chareidi community of Moshav Mattitiyahu, under the guidance of Rabbi Zev Leff. It`s within close walking distance to Kiryat Sefer for schools, shopping and services. Only...