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In Nissan we bless the blossoming fruit trees — Here’s Shmuel (Video)

It’s Nissan, the month of redemption,  and everyone is busily preparing for Pesach. But there is another important and very special mitzvah we do here in Israel in Nissan: The blessing of fruit trees in blossom. Here’s a video of me in our garden...

Tsfat – Safed Artist’s Quarter (Video)

When you are visiting the Galilee and staying with us at Villa Rimona Zimmers, it’s a short drive to Tsfat.  After visiting all the historic sites including the Ancient Synagogues, graves of the Tzaddikim and the Ari’s Mikvah, take some time out...

Gourmet Olive Oil Tasting in Katzrin – with Villa Rimona Zimmers

You may have been to a "wine tasting," but recently we tried an "olive oil tasting" in Katzrin on the Golan Heights. Here's a fun 2 minute video including us "tasting" the oil and "scrubbing" with olive soap.

Ayit Waterfall (Eagle Falls) – Golan Heights (1 min vid)

If you love nature but don’t like hiking, here’s a beautiful site for your next visit to the Golan. Mapal Ayit is right on highway 808 not far from Gamla. The waterfall is a few steps from the parking lot. It’s even wheelchair accessible!...

Katzrin Park – Ancient Talmudic Village – Golan Heights – with Villa Rimona Zimmers

Join us on a video walk-thru of Rabbi Abun's 2000-year-old house in Katzrin in the Golan Heights. This two-story home boasts a large master suite, and a lovely courtyard for your chickens but sorry folks, there are no bathrooms and no running water. And...

Gan HaShlosha – Sachne – Nature Reserve — with Villa Rimona

Here is a two minute video of one of the most beautiful places in Israel. The nature reserve is used as a public swimming venue as well as a wonderful place to picnic, play and explore with the whole family. You'll see waterfalls, springs, an ancient flour...

Gan Garoo – Australian Zoo – near Beit Shean Israel

We had a great time this week visiting the Gan Garoo nature reserve. Here's some fun video of us wandering among the kangaroos and some funny shots of me feeding the birds. This is a great family friendly place to visit when you come up to visit the Galilee...

A Cool Date at Kibbutz Kinneret – with Villa Rimona Zimmers – Funny Video

I've heard of a single malt, or a wine tasting lesson,,, but "date tasting?!" Ron and Omri were on hand at the Kibbutz Kinneret Factory outlet store called Tamarim Plus- to offer explanations and a "Date Tasting" lesson in this funny video.