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“Most Luxurious” Seafront Penthouse in Israel

We visited this amazing two-story penthouse in Netanya about 2 years ago while it was under construction. It is custom designed and custom furnished, complete with outdoor pool, indoor sauna and every imaginable luxury. Thought you might like to see how...

How new mortgage rules in Israel will affect foreign investors

Israel is the hottest real estate market in the world. Last week Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer dropped a bombshell on the banking world, implementing new rules to quell the booming housing market in Israel. This won't affect first-time home buyers...

Stunning Beachfront Penthouse in Netanya – Village Israel

Even though we were busy with our own apartment hunting this week, we finally made time to look at two penthouses in Netanya. They are on the frontline to the beach above the board walk on the most exclusive street in Netanya. Take a look at these stunning...