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Country Vacation Apartment for Sale – Yavne’el Israel

Lovely, well maintained 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Yavne'el. At NIS 500,000 this could be a great vacation apartment for anyone living in the center of the country looking for a base in the Galilee. Ten minutes from the separate beach on the Kinneret and...

Apartment in Tiberius with a beautiful view of the Kineret – SOLD

This is a great investment opportunity. Foreigners can receive up to 70% financing through Israeli banks. It can be rented out (returns 8%-10% a year) or use it as a very affordable vacation home in Tiberius near the lake

Investment property – Galilee – SOLD

This is an example of an investment opportunity. Typical rent in Karmiel is NIS 2,000 per month for this type apartment which would yield about 8% return. This apartment is newly renovated with a beautiful view of the mountains.  Ceramic tiles and cupboard...

Great View Modiin – Moriah – SOLD

This is a lovely two story apartment with great views of the sunset. Main floor has guest room/office with a 3 piece bathroom adjacent which could be converted to an ensuite guest room. Large sukkah patio and a separate sukkah patio off the master bedroom...

Large Apartment with Huge Garden – SOLD

Lovely wrap around garden 180 sq. meters. Lots of light, great air flow. Buses to Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Tel-Aviv and Modiin – Kiryat Sefer. At the border of RBS Beit and the Chassidic community and only a few blocks from the American Modern Orthodox...