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Timeout our for our Grandson’s Bris in Beit Shemesh

Yesterday was a glorious sunshine-filled day in Beit Shemesh.

We took a break from real estate to celebrate our grandson’s brit milah (bris). Friends and relatives came from Tsfat, Ranaana, Netanya, Matityahu, Jerusalem, Givat Zeev, Beit Shemesh and even Toronto (well, they were actually here on vacation). Shalom got leave from the army and came in from Tsrifin base near Ramle.

I was the Sandek and Shelley (the other grandfather) was the mohel. Mazel tov to parents Eli and Leah, grandmothers, great-grandmother and all the relatives and friends who joined us.

Special thanks to our daughter Miriam who planned and catered the event. A real family affair as is often done in Israel.

We were fortunate to have friends visiting from the Village Shul in Toronto during winter break who joined in the festivities along with our family and local friends. Here’s the video… mazel tov.

Willy & Ellen at their vacation apartment in Netanya

Chana and I drove to Netanya on Sunday to visit our friends Willy and Ellen who are here on vacation from Toronto. They have a lovely apartment right next to the sea and steps away from the local Young Israel synagogue. It’s just a short walk to Independence Square and lots of kosher restaurants. Before we went out for dinner, we asked them to tell us about their experience of purchasing and owning a vacation apartment in Israel.

Visiting Willy & Ellen in their Vacation apartment in Netanya by the sea

On our way to visit friends from Toronto who purchased a vacation apartment in Netanya we stopped by IKEA and with tremendous self restraint avoided the Kosher Swedish meatballs. Then on our way to the Mediterranean sea past lots of beautiful architecture. Just past independence square and the Park Hotel we met up with them at their beautifully renovated 3 bedroom apartment by the sea, just steps away from the Young Israel of north Netanya.

Hear about Willy and Ellen’s experience about owning a vacation apartment in Israel in an upcoming blog post.

Chanukah Tour of Mattityahu, Modiin Ilit – Caves, Olive Presses and Ancient Synagogues

We went to Moshav Mattityahu for a Chanukah party. While we were waiting for the sufganiot (jelly donuts – some with butterscotch) and the latkes to be fried, Natan and I decided to take a mini-tour of the area.

There are some fascinating, pristine archeological sites that have not yet been dug up right next to Natan and Esther Leah’s home on the Moshav.

After looking at the winepress and citadel we took a 5 minute drive to a huge Archeological site in Modiin Ilit (Kiryat Sefer) which contains a large Hasmonean village complete with a major synagogue. This could be the actual site of ancient Modiin, the home of Mattityahu and Yehuda Maccabee.

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