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Mini-Israel Tourist Attraction with Village Israel

Here’s a great family-friendly tourist attraction while you are visiting Israel, try Mini-Israel. My sister and I took a few hours recently to check it out and had a great time!

It’s a scale model replica of the major sites in Israel all in one park. They lend you free parasols during your stay to protect you from the summer sun. It’s great fun for the whole family.

Only 15 minutes from Beit Shemesh at the Latrun exit on highway one, it’s less than one half hour from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

Here’s a one-minute mini-tour of mini-Israel…

Vacation at Villa Rimona – What they’re saying!

Speaking of summer

If you are looking for a Family Friendly, Frum, Zimmer in the Galilee then our home, Villa Rimona in Yavne’el is the place for you. We are 9 minutes from the separate beaches on the Kineret and 18 minutes from the mehadrin restaurants in Tiberias.

Use our vacation zimmers as your base in the Galilee as you explore Tzfat, Tiberias and the Golan. Just down the block we have shteiblach for Shacharit and Maariv. There’s a great Shabbos atmosphere. Also we have a kosher Pizza Parlor and Shwarma place (Belz hechsher)

Here’s a testimonial (1 min vid) by recent guests from Ramat Beit Shemesh, Beverley and Stan.

For more information, or to book a Zimmer call Chana at 077-419-9001 or from abroad dial our USA number 718-717-2192

Be our Neighbor – Villa with 2 Zimmers for sale in Yavne’el

Since we’ve moved up to Yavne’el in the Galil, we’ve been surprised how much interest there is among other people like us to move up here.

The relatively inexpensive prices (compared to the center of the country) combined with potential income from Zimmers make the country lifestyle near Tiberias even more attractive.

Here’s a lovely 190 meter (almost 2000 sq ft)  4 bedroom bungalow on 1/2 dunam of land (1/8 acre). On the lower walk out level there are an additional 2 Zimmers. One is a 2 bedroom unit with kitchenette and sitting area, and the second is a one bedroom Zimmer with kitchenette and sitting area.

The Villa is being sold “turn-key” and all the equipment and furnishings for the Zimmers are included.

Be our neighbor for US $390,000 and enjoy a substantial income from the Zimmers.

Call Shmuel at 718-717-2192 (US Line) or 077-419-9001 in Israel for more info, or drop us an email.

Shmuel and the Holy Cows

It has been an intense week in Israel and around the world, but life goes on as usual. Actually I think I was more tuned in to Israeli news in Canada than I am here in Yavne’el.

It’s great living in a quiet country village. It provides a calm shield from the intensity of life in the Holy Land.

Chana and I took a break this week when our neighbor Laura invited us to visit one of the local attractions that would be of interest to our Zimmer guests. Her friend Daphna Kramer organizes visits to her family dairy farm called “Mi ve Moo.” We had a great time. The farm is state of the art and one robot milks the entire herd of cows! You have to see this short 2 min video. It’s amazing.

To book a vacation in our Zimmers and arrange a visit to the dairy farm, call Chana at 718-717-2192 (USA/Canada) or 077-419-9001 (Israel)

(By the way, the cows are holy because they are born in the holy land and eat holy food grown on the holy earth in the Yavne’el valley.)

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