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Snow in Jerusalem – Time to plant in the Galilee (Video)

While Jerusalem is expecting snow this Shabbat, the Galilee is blooming!

In the Yavne’el Valley we’re at about sea level. The winter rains have done their job of turning the hills and valley green, and the almond trees are beginning to blossom.

Now it’s time to plant some flowers in the garden. Here’s a video of our visit to the local nursery. We live in an amazing part of the country where pansies, petunias and roses you are familiar with from North America can grow alongside birds of paradise, and cactus.

If you love gardening this is a great place to live. Call or email us and find out more.

Economist predicting Israel house prices to go up

Last week we reported that the Bank of Israel dropped interest rates but were hoping it wouldn’t affect housing prices.

However, one leading economist has already spotted an upward trend. Haim Natan, Chief Economist with Menorah Mivtachim, comments that signs have been building in recent weeks that the fall in real estate prices has run its course.

Says Natan, “The Bank of Israel’s interest rate cut last month, supposedly meant to prevent the real estate bubble from bursting, seems to have succeeded in pushing the public towards investing in residential property once more, and is liable to set off a renewed trend of price rises.”

Here’s a full article from Globes with more info on current economic trends.

Interest Rates Down — Will Housing Prices Go Up?

The Bank of Israel dropped interest rates by a quarter of a point to 2.5%. Usually as interest rates go down, housing prices go up, but the Bank of Israel hopes that won’t be the case this time.

The central bank is hoping that the recent softening of the housing market and the mortgage limitations that were enacted last year to discourage speculators will mean that cutting the interest rate won’t lead to a surge in home prices like it did in 2008 – 2009. Other experts disagree. We’ll see….

Here’s a full article from Globes explaining the situation.

Rare 1913 film of Trumpeldor at Migdal

Here’s a rare film from 1913 showing a one-armed Joseph Trumpeldor plowing a field in Migdal shortly after he arrived in Israel from Russia. You can see the Arbel mountain and the Kinneret in the background.

Trumpeldor was the most highly decorated Jewish soldier in the Russian army (where he lost his arm in action) before he came to the Yishuv. He started out as an agricultural worker in Migdal and then Degania. Later he joined the famous Zion Mule Corps and then became a national hero when he lost his life defending Tel Hai

Joseph Trumpeldor

Joseph Trumpeldor

Here’s a current picture of the valley Trumpeldor was plowing with the Arbel Mountain, Migdal, Tiberias and the Kinneret.

View from Migdal of Valley

View from Migdal of Valley

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