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Our Zimmer Vacation Suites in Yavne’el

We still haven’t moved into our new Villa in Yavniel nearĀ  Tiberias, but we’ve had quite a few people ask about the Zimmers (short-term vacation rental suites).

We have 3 of them. A two-bedroom suite, a one-bedroom suite, and this one, the honeymoon suite.

If you are looking for a comfortable vacation rental in the Galilee near Tiberias and all the activities like horseback riding, jeeping, ATV‘s, kayaking, hang gliding and more, then we’d love to host you this summer (or all year round).

We hope to have more videos and a proper website set up shortly after Pesach, but in the meantime here’s a short video of Chana giving a tour of the Zimmer.

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One Response to “Our Zimmer Vacation Suites in Yavne’el”

  1. alan krolik says:

    Just needs a kosher lamp for an added touch. it looks