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Dollar up – Prices Down – Here’s an example

After checking this morning, the US dollar was 3.54 shekels a year ago. Today it’s 3.78. That’s an increase of 6.7%.

At the same time, the real estate boom has slowed and prices have dropped on average 3.7% in the last four months (more in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, less in the north and south of the country).

That means for foreign buyers, you can find places that are effectively 10% – 20% less for you than a year ago.

Here’s an example of a deal here in Yavne’el. This lovely 186 sq meter home on 1/2 dunam lot would have sold a year ago for NIS 1,325,000 firm (US 374,293). Today, the asking price is NIS 1,290,000 flexible (US $ 341, 269).

Stay tuned for more statistics next week. Contact Shmuel for details about this house

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