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Our new Villa in Yavniel near Tiberias – Village Israel

After hunting for apartments, penthouses and duplexes in Tiberias we finally settled on a Villa in Yavne’el. It’s a lovely farming village (moshava) in the Gallilee only 10 minutes from Tiverya.  After visiting the Villa we went down to the lake and were seated in the restaurant by the boardwalk. Total travel time including walking: 20 minutes!

Join us for a 5 minute tour of the Villa while we show it for the first time to Nana, my sister Carolynne and Shalom who had a day off from the army.

Best of all it has 3 “tzimmerim” (private vacation rental units with kitchenettes and jacuzzis and separate entrances). A separate video of the Zimmers will be following shortly.

We hope to move in June, so we’re looking forward to having you as our guests in the summer.

For more info, call Chana at 718-717-2192, or in Israel at 054-840-3283. Email chana (at) villageisrael (dot) com.

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3 Responses to “Our new Villa in Yavniel near Tiberias – Village Israel”

  1. Miriam Veffer says:

    WOW!!! I can not believe that this is my new home!! It is really sooooo nice! Do I get one of the tzimmering as my room?

  2. Eric Kaminsky says:

    Mazel Tov. It looks wonderful. Ya gotta love those tzimmers!

  3. jesica myers says:

    mazal tov and b’hatzlaha!!!! the place looks great and we cant wait to visit!!!! will there be a kosherlamp in every room?
    the myers.