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Be our neighbor – Beautiful Villa in Smadar / Yavniel Galilee

We haven’t yet moved to Yavniel, but a couple of friends of the people we are buying from have contacted us to see if we can help them sell their properties. In this case, the owner in America wants to sell the whole Villa “as is.” EVERYTHING is included.

The villa is located at the end of a quiet residential street, on the edge of a picturesque farming village, with a magnificent view in all directions. Completely furnished with air conditioning, televisions, DVD, deluxe kitchen that includes oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, and all utensils; outdoor and indoor Jacuzzi, bedding and towels. The villa has four bedrooms and the master suite is on its own level with sitting area and private patio.

After purchasing, you can rent it out long-term (there is a tenant interested beginning in September) which will give about a 4.5% return. Alternatively we could rent it out for you as a “short-term vacation property” and it would be available when you come to visit.

He’s asking NIS 1,590,000 for everything. It also has a potential rental unit on the main level as well. It needs to have a kitchenette put in. Right now he’s using the space for storage.

This house is a 10 minute walk from our house higher up the hill.

180m built (1930 square feet), plus balconies on half a dunam (1/8 acre) property.

Call us at 718-717-2192 for more info.

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