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Vacation at Villa Rimona – What they’re saying!

Speaking of summer

If you are looking for a Family Friendly, Frum, Zimmer in the Galilee then our home, Villa Rimona in Yavne’el is the place for you. We are 9 minutes from the separate beaches on the Kineret and 18 minutes from the mehadrin restaurants in Tiberias.

Use our vacation zimmers as your base in the Galilee as you explore Tzfat, Tiberias and the Golan. Just down the block we have shteiblach for Shacharit and Maariv. There’s a great Shabbos atmosphere. Also we have a kosher Pizza Parlor and Shwarma place (Belz hechsher)

Here’s a testimonial (1 min vid) by recent guests from Ramat Beit Shemesh, Beverley and Stan.

For more information, or to book a Zimmer call Chana at 077-419-9001 or from abroad dial our USA number 718-717-2192

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One Response to “Vacation at Villa Rimona – What they’re saying!”

  1. Shmuel & Ester Mina Silinsky says:

    We just spent a beautiful, relaxing Shabbat in zimmer #1. Quiet, with lovely views of hills & valleys, warm minyanim, and an airconditioned apartment,we had a truly enjoyable Shabbat retreat (Had we gotten there early enough to use the jacuzzi, it would have been really invigorating!)