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Funny thing happened on the way to Tiberias —- Yavniel

Recently I noted on my FACEBOOK PAGE (click to friend me) that we were going up to Tiberias to look at apartments. Phineas and Ja’el Batya Hatch, whom I know from Toronto, suggested we stop by their home in Yavniel on the way. They’re trying to encourage more anglo families to move up there.

Yavniel is officially a “moshava” which means the homes and agricultural land are owned privately. It’s basically a farming village.

Nestled in a hill - 10 minutes from Tiberias

Nestled in a hill - 10 minutes from Tiberias

The village was established by the Jewish Colonization Association in the 19th century on lands bought by the Baron Rothschild, by villagers from Horan and Metula. The Hatch family live in one of the orignal homes. There are remants of a stone wall that was built as protection around the original homes.

Today there are around 3000 people living in the Village. Quite a few people have bought 500 meter (55×100 foot) lots and built private homes on them. There’s also an active Breslov community of about 350 people with their own shul and beis midrash. There are still quite a few 4 dunam (1 acre) farms with houses on them, many for sale. The farms usually have an additional 60 dunam of farmland in the valley. The views are stunning – you are in the country – and only 10 minutes from town and great Kosher restaurants in Tiberas.

You can get a small house on a large plot of land for under $200,000. Or an larger house on an acre of land with 15 acres of farmland in the valley for under $640,000. Local farmers will lease your farmland in the valley and work it for you.

Here’s a slide show of the town… enjoy

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One Response to “Funny thing happened on the way to Tiberias —- Yavniel”

  1. Daniel says:

    Looks beautiful! Such bright, vibrant greenery.