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Tiberias Mini-Penthouse Apartment

UPDATE: We orginally listed this mini-penthouse in Tiberias exactly a year ago. Then it was selling for NIS 540,000 (We were thinking of buying it ourselves before we purchased our Villa in Yavne’el).  The property sold back then, and now the new owner is putting it back up for sale at NIS 650,000 ($178,000).  It’s still a good deal in the current market even after a 20 percent profit!

This beautiful 3 bedroom mini-penthouse apartment in Tiberias is in walking distance of Shuls. It is a Jerusalem stone building. Sukkah balcony. Lovely view of the Kinneret. Call 054-6720-320 today for more information about this and other apartments in Tiberias. Great vacation property.

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