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Ra’anana – Drive Through – and Dinner with Friends

For a long time, Ra’anana has been a community of choice for English speakers who want to live near Tel-Aviv.

There are a number of vibrant synagogues catering to the South African, American and Canadian immigrants.

You can find large private homes with lush gardens and a fun and friendly “downtown” with lots of shops, cafes and restaurants.

We had a number of Toronto friends in town staying all over the country, so we decided to all meet in Ra’anana for dinner. At 90 minutes we were the furthest away in Yavne’el. Steve came from the airport (about 20 minutes away) and Barry and Donna took an hour to come from Jerusalem.

What a great (small) country to live in! Can you imagine friends in New York, Miami and Los Angeles deciding to meet in Chicago for dinner?

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