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Purim in the streets of Village Israel

Outside of Israel, Yom Tov is two days, and Purim is one day. Inside Israel, Yom Tov is one day and Purim is TWO DAYS!

Many people who live outside Jerusalem celebrate on the 14th of Adar and then visit friends in Jerusalem the next day on the 15th and join in their seudah. (Jerusalemites often do the opposite).

There’s nothing like Purim in Israel. Even though we had a lot of rain on both days (which helped bring the Kinneret above the bottom red line level!), the streets were still flooded with people in costume.

We first went to visit Moshav Mattityahu to see our grandaughters’ butterfly costumes. Then we picked up Nana to join us at a family seudah in Beit Shemesh – she won first prize for her costume in my books – see pic in slideshow below.

The next day we took pictures of all kinds of people dressed up in the streets of Jerusalem. Enjoy.

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