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Yummy fun at the Pizza shop in Yavne’el

My sister Carolynne was visiting from Toronto and we had a lot to do in Yavniel this week, so we decided to stay overnight in our own zimmers at Villa Rimona (that’s the name of our Villa – see blog entry below for videos of the Zimmers we stayed in).

Since we weren’t so rushed, we took some time to begin exploring the town. We did some shopping at a local grocery store and tried out the local pizzeria in Yavne’el called Pizza Miri. It has a good hechsher, yummy food and we had a lot of fun kibbitzing with the owner Yossi and his son Lidor who delivers the pizza dressed up like a ninja turtle. You may find yourself chuckling when you hear how he manages to deliver pizza in a town that has no street names or house numbers!

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