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Stunning Beachfront Penthouse in Netanya – Village Israel

Even though we were busy with our own apartment hunting this week,  we finally made time to look at two penthouses in Netanya. They are on the frontline to the beach above the board walk on the most exclusive street in Netanya. This area is a favorite of the english speaking community. The project is entirely sold out. About 40 percent of the owners are living full-time in the buildings. We were fortunate to connect with the builder who held back these two penthouses for himself.

Many owners are observant so the building boasts 2 shabbat elevators and separate men’s and women’s hours in the pool and gym.

Words can’t describe these apartments, so take a look… If you are looking for a large luxury condo on the mediterranean, this is the place to buy. Similar apartments in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Herzliya would cost more than double the price.

4 Bedroom Penthouse – Over 3,000 square feet

3 Bedroom Penthouse – Over 2,400 square feet

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