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New Chareidi (Ultra-orthodox) Town in the Negev?!

The government’s general planning committee decided yesterday to recommend the establishment of a new Ultra-Orthodox town in the Negev. Ten thousand apartments will be built to house 50,000 people. The town will be built near Arad, at the Tel-Arad junction, and will be called “Kasif.”

This is a very serious effort by the government to solve the severe housing crisis for Charedi young couples. There is already an established and thriving community of Ger Hassidim in Arad. However there is already a lot of protest from environmental organizations and the town of Arad itself which doesn’t feel it can provide services for such a large influx of “weak population.” They are recommending allocating space closer to Be’er Sheva. (not in my backyard – eh?) You’ve gotta love ’em.

Coincidentally we happened to be in Arad today looking at an industrial real-estate investment opportunity and had our camera with us.

Here’s a slide show of some photos of Arad and the site of the future town of Kasif. (Video in a future post)

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