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Rare Opportunity: A few private homes in Moshav Matityahu

This is a rare opportunity to own your own home in the English-speaking chareidi community of Moshav Mattitiyahu, under the guidance of Rabbi Zev Leff. It`s within close walking distance to Kiryat Sefer for schools, shopping and services. Only 20 minutes to Jerusalem with regular buses leaving from Kiryat Sefer. Mattitiyahu is nestled on a quiet, green hillside surrounded by beautiful vistas, fresh air and lots of space! Perfect for growing families where kids can safely play and ride their bikes. Mattitiyahu has its own Kollel, a gan and regular English shiurim.

You will not find a better value anywhere! Exchange your apartment in Har Nof, Ramat Beit Shemesh, or Ramat Eshkol. Your home will privately owned by you and be in your name. Rare double 720 meter lots. Move into the existing homes and have plenty of room to expand as you need more space.

Call or email us to find out more:  718-717-2192  natan @ villageisrael . com

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