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Modiin for Torontonians

In order to give you a perspective of the size of Modiin for Torontonians, I’ve overlaid a map of Toronto onto Modiin. If you line up say the Village Shul in Toronto with the new Ashkenazi Shul being built in the Moriah neighbourhood of Modiin, then the boundaries of Modiin are as follows: 401 on the North, Allen Road – Strathearn on the West, Strathearn-Burton-Killbarry on the South, Avenue Road on the East.

The Moriah neighborhood is Cedarvale, Shevatim neighbourhood is North Village. The Modiin train station and Azrieli Shopping Mall is at Bathurst and Lawrence. Kiryat Sefer/Moshav Mattityahu are at York Mills and Bayview.

Here’s a pic.Overlay of Toronto onto Modiin Area

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