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Rebbetzen Lori Palatnik of JWRP visits Villa Rimona

Our dear friend and colleague, world-renowned author and lecturer Rebbetzen Lori Palatnik of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) stayed with us at Villa Rimona over Shabbos recently along with the Jesmer family.

Lori and Tzivia Jesmer had just completed the first JWRP mission of the season (100 women!) and came up to Yavne’el for a well deserved break before the next group arrived.

The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project offers women all over the world a special gift; a highly subsidized, 9 day action-packed trip to Israel. Women tour the major sites in Israel discovering the significance of their ancient homeland and learning what it means to be a Jewish woman today from the place where it all began. Please forward this blog entry to any women you know who might benefit from this kind of trip.

Here’s a video promo of the JWRP missions. Below that is a 30 second testimonial from Lori and Tzivia after their Shabbat staying in our Zimmers at Villa Rimona.

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One Response to “Rebbetzen Lori Palatnik of JWRP visits Villa Rimona”

  1. debbie says:

    great videos, i’m coming!!!!