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Guess who came for lunch and learn?

As most of you know, my wife Chana and I spent many years involved in adult Jewish education and outreach both in Israel and North America. Since we moved back to Israel we’ve been very busy in the Real Estate Business and settling into our new home in Yavne’el.

These past few weeks offered a couple of opportunities to teach again, and it was a lot of fun. First I was invited to teach a class on the “Ingathering of the Exiles” at a Tiberias hotel to a men’s study mission with participants from Chile, Mexico, and the USA. Thank G-d they all understood english!

Then we received a very interesting call… “Could you please host a group of 33 women for light refreshments, a class and lunch? They need someplace to spend a few hours before their hotel is ready in Tiberias.” It was the Toronto contingent of the JWRP – Jewish Women’s Renaissance Program who arrived many hours before the rest of the group.

Well Chana cooked up a storm and we both spoke to the group. Chana shared her personal connection with the land, and I gave a class explaining what it really means when we call this country the “Holy Land.”

A great time was had by all. Here’s a short video… please let us know of any groups (organized or familes) who may want a similar program when they visit the Galilee. We can also host up to 20 people overnight in our Zimmers.

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2 Responses to “Guess who came for lunch and learn?”

  1. Julie DeKoven says:

    Your place looks fantastic! I saw it the day the previous family was moving out. You have really made it lovely. Looking at the food made me hungry. Yashar koach! Enjoy many happy, healthy years in your beautiful home.

  2. robin first says:

    You guys are a riot!