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Jerusalem to Tiberias in 2 Minutes

We had a great week hunting for vacation apartments in Tiberias. We made two trips. The first was from Jerusalem via the Jordan Valley past Jericho, through Beit Shean and on to Tiberias.

It took around two hours because we stopped along the way for coffee and to take in the breathtaking scenery. Sort of like the ride from the city to cottage country… except here, travelling every 4 amos (6 feet) is a mitzvah!

There was so much to see, we’ll make a separate post of the trip via the Shomron and another of Tiberias itself. In the meantime enjoy this 2 minutes through breathtaking scenery in our Village Israel.

While we were soaking up the sun in our summery weather along the way, I was thinking of friends stuck in the snow in Toronto and the escapees in flat, boring Florida for winter break. Next time come visit your Village Israel.. here’s the video.. enjoy.

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