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Take a ride on the new Jerusalem light rail train (video)

It was a very busy summer for us (I apologize for the lack of weekly vids). Our daughter Miriam was married to Yaakov, son Eli and Leah had a baby boy (Coby), and son Yonah became engaged to Sara. (wedding is b’h’ next week!).

In between all that bracha
we were busy welcoming guests to our vacation zimmers up here at Villa Rimona in Yavne’el.

However, during the summer
we had reason to be in Jerusalem. Wow, has Jaffa Road changed now that the new light rail train is operating. It’s actually RELAXING to have a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe without the accompanying traffic, noise and exhaust fumes. I took a test ride on the train… take a look. Better yet, come try it yourself!

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2 Responses to “Take a ride on the new Jerusalem light rail train (video)”

  1. Naomi Geffen says:

    Shalom Shmuel and Chana,

    Mazaltov on all your simchas. Hopefully see you soon…
    I have a video clip of the Jerusalem Light Rail going the other way (from Egged Bus Station to French Hill). Let me know if you’d like to use it. As long as one gets a seat in an uncrowded carriage, the journey on the light rail is a very thrilling experience. Aside from admiring the architecture along the way and passing recent and historical points of interest, it was fascinating watching all the different types of people getting on and off the train. I agree – it’s definitely worth going on this journey.

  2. Sharon says:

    LOVED THE LITE RAIL VIDEO! Can’t believe this has finally happened. (Construction began when we were still living in Israel – more than 8 years ago!)Fond memories of our visit there – and to Yavniel – last March but yes, gotta come Home again soon to catch the train!

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