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Hang Gliding, Para Gliding and Paramotoring Heaven in Israel

Turns out that the mountain in the backyard of our new Villa in Yavniel is an ideal spot to hang glide from. My kids are really excited about that, especially since there’s a club that will arrange “tandem” flights (which means you strap in with a pro)

Normally I post my own videos, but here are a couple of breath-taking videos of people gliding over the Yavne’el Valley. The first is a hang glider, and the second is paramotoring. They take off from Sharona (the moshav above us) and glide above the valley. In addition to Yavniel, you can see Poriya and Tiberias in the distance.

Here’s the hang gliding video: the guy jumps off the mountain above us and lands in one of my neighbors fields.. cool. you can see the town in the background

This is the paramotoring video. Free night in a Zimmer to the first person who comes to visit us and tries it, b’n’ we’ll celebrate afterwards with a beer on our deck.

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