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Timeout our for our Grandson’s Bris in Beit Shemesh

Yesterday was a glorious sunshine-filled day in Beit Shemesh.

We took a break from real estate to celebrate our grandson’s brit milah (bris). Friends and relatives came from Tsfat, Ranaana, Netanya, Matityahu, Jerusalem, Givat Zeev, Beit Shemesh and even Toronto (well, they were actually here on vacation). Shalom got leave from the army and came in from Tsrifin base near Ramle.

I was the Sandek and Shelley (the other grandfather) was the mohel. Mazel tov to parents Eli and Leah, grandmothers, great-grandmother and all the relatives and friends who joined us.

Special thanks to our daughter Miriam who planned and catered the event. A real family affair as is often done in Israel.

We were fortunate to have friends visiting from the Village Shul in Toronto during winter break who joined in the festivities along with our family and local friends. Here’s the video… mazel tov.

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