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Givat Yearim – Moshav Near Jerusalem – Funny Video

Watch this and try not to laugh!

Our real estate business model is primarily based on finding properties in Israel for people living abroad. Our clients describe what they are looking for and we help identify potential communities and homes or investment properties for them.

A recent client was looking for something rural within 15-20 minute drive of Jerusalem. Natan and I decided to check out Givat Yearim for them, which is just west of Jerusalem south of Highway 1.

The moshav is very pretty, overlooking the hills outside of Jerusalem. We arrived in the late afternoon and joined in Mincha at the local Yemenite synagogue. Most of the members came on operation magic carpet in 1950 that brought 49,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel.

Since it was rush hour when we were done, we decided to take a back road to Beit Shemesh to avoid traffic… boy were we in for a SURPRISE!!…

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One Response to “Givat Yearim – Moshav Near Jerusalem – Funny Video”

  1. robin first says:

    Oh Boy Shmuel, What you have to do for a buck. I don’t know if this was funnier than our experience at the bank. You should have taken a video of us sitting in the bank being called “chutznikim” and the three bankers standing over the computer scratching their heads while I sat there roasting. You are literally paving the way ,Shmuel. Hopefully with wider roads.