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Fireplanes put out brush fire in our backyard in Yavne’el

The hot, dry summer weather has caused an outbreak of brush fires around the Israel. This week we saw some of the dry weeds and grass on the hill – Har Yavniel – behind our home break out into flames.

Chana quickly grabbed her camera and got some amazing shots of the first responders. Not only did firefighters in a firetruck scale the hill in our small village, but a few heroes in fire fighting planes buzzed the hill and dropped their payloads of water on the quickly spreading flames and helped dowse them.

It took a couple of hours, but eventually these brave men got the fire under control. Thank God no trees were destroyed and the newly cleared brush should give way to a riot of green this winter.

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One Response to “Fireplanes put out brush fire in our backyard in Yavne’el”

  1. Steve Cowan says:

    Well folks, what a difference in the weather since Mike and I left – the hills were just turning brown – and now these fires. Hope all is well with you and that your zimmers are full most of the time.

    Steve Cowan