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Down on the farm – in Yavneel

It has been a hectic couple of weeks settling in to our new home. However, between the hustle and bustle of unpacking boxes, spending time with visiting family, friends, handymen, painters and gardeners we’ve still had some time to meet some neighbors and explore our little village.

One fascinating neighbor is Tzila and her husband who own a large farm nearby. Her family were among the founders of the town and she served as the community nurse for most of her life since she was married in 1955. Her husband is a farmer and they have 60 dunam (15 acres) in the valley, but as they got older, she slowly converted the family farm compound in town (almost 4 dunam) into a large rental complex.

In addition to their own home, there is an apartment on the second floor and the chicken coop and barn were converted into apartments or vacation “zimmers”.

I didn’t have time to video it all, but here’s a glimpse of this unique property complete with golf carts to get around – and yes, it’s for sale.

It’s a great income property for zimmers or an institution.

Call me at 718-717-2192 or email for more info.

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