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Chanukah Tour of Mattityahu, Modiin Ilit – Caves, Olive Presses and Ancient Synagogues

We went to Moshav Mattityahu for a Chanukah party. While we were waiting for the sufganiot (jelly donuts – some with butterscotch) and the latkes to be fried, Natan and I decided to take a mini-tour of the area.

There are some fascinating, pristine archeological sites that have not yet been dug up right next to Natan and Esther Leah’s home on the Moshav.

After looking at the winepress and citadel we took a 5 minute drive to a huge Archeological site in Modiin Ilit (Kiryat Sefer) which contains a large Hasmonean village complete with a major synagogue. This could be the actual site of ancient Modiin, the home of Mattityahu and Yehuda Maccabee.

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