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Highest Beachfront Penthouse in the Country – in Netanya

Over Chol HaMoed Sukkot we were in Netanya and were invited by the owner of the highest beachfront penthouse in Israel to see it. It is two stories high with an incredible view. Includes it’s own outdoor pool and hot tub as well as indoor sauna. Rather than me try to describe it, take a look at this video. There are videos of the penthouse under construction as well as computer renderings of part of it. It should be complete within a year and yes, it is for sale. Call me for details.

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One Response to “Highest Beachfront Penthouse in the Country – in Netanya”

  1. Evan Heltay says:

    The video of the penthouse in Netanya was interesting to see. It’s always fun to see luxurious apartments and homes.