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R’ Shmuel Veffer on Arutz 7 “LandMinds” Radio Show

I was about to post some new homes we have for sale in Yavne’el when my friend David Willner called offering to interview me on his “LandMinds” show on Arutz 7 radio.

It was great fun, and a great show, but it took me so long to edit the interview and add pictures and videos that I didn’t have time to advertise our villas for sale! Or to prepare the other video I had in mind for this week’s blog.

Anyway… Is there a future for Diaspora Jewry? How can we connect diaspora Jews to Judaism and the Land of Israel? What is the future of Real Estate in Israel? Find the answers to all this and more in the slightly longer than usual video below. (I added pictures and videos to help keep you watching (listening) to the surprise ending…

Download the full length radio interview from Arutz7 (20 minutes) here.

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