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Private Home in Arad – Village Israel

I love the Judean Desert. When you are there, it’s easy to imagine ancient prophets tending sheep, gazing at the stars and connecting with their Creator.

Today many people choose Arad as a vacation spot. The air is perfect for asthmatics. The nearby Dead Sea and it’s spas provide excellent skin treatments.

Here’s a lovely home in Arad on a half dunam (500 sq ft) beautifully landscaped lot in a quiet neighborhood. View of the negev desert mountains towards Masada and the Dead Sea. Kitchen/Dining Room, sunken living room and office (guestroom) on the main floor. 3 bedrooms on the second floor. Two patios on the second floor. Charming tiled patios and mature plants in the garden. If you are looking for an investment in a vacation home in Israel near the Dead Sea spas, this is a great opportunity. It’s under $275,000. Compare that to an apartment in Jerusalem!

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