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Who we are

Rabbi Shmuel and Rebbetzen Chana Veffer started Village Israel with a strong belief that the needs of Jews in the diaspora who were looking for a “foothold” in Israel could be served in new and better ways.

Village Israel is not just a "Real Estate" company. Someone dreaming to own a home in Israel needs someone in Israel they can trust, who can help do the legwork and research needed to take this exciting step.

What we do

Our network of English-speaking professionals will help you:
* locate your ideal home
* organize mortgage financing
* negotiate a contract
* refurbish or redecorate
* find short- or long-term tenants
* manage your property

Latest News

In Nissan we bless the blossoming fruit trees — Here’s Shmuel (Video)

It’s Nissan, the month of redemption,  and everyone is busily preparing for Pesach. But there is another important and very special mitzvah we do here in Israel in Nissan: The blessing of fruit trees in blossom. Here’s a video of me in our garden...Read more

Confidence in Future of Israeli Economy

My friend Yoram Ettinger just sent out a report on the long term confidence in the Israeli economy. When reading the international economic news, it’s quite jarring to see how well Israel is doing… pooh, pooh, pooh. Here are some of the amazing...Read more

This is Your Life – Vintage 1961 Episode of the Veffer family

It was my father's yahrtzeit this week. So I decided to rewatch this 1961 TV episode of "This is Your Life" reliving the story of how he and his family miraculously survived the war by hiding in Holland for three years from the Nazis. It's a mini Purim story...Read more

“Most Luxurious” Seafront Penthouse in Israel

We visited this amazing two-story penthouse in Netanya about 2 years ago while it was under construction. It is custom designed and custom furnished, complete with outdoor pool, indoor sauna and every imaginable luxury. Thought you might like to see how...Read more

Snow in Jerusalem – Time to plant in the Galilee (Video)

While Jerusalem is expecting snow this Shabbat, the Galilee is blooming! In the Yavne’el Valley we’re at about sea level. The winter rains have done their job of turning the hills and valley green, and the almond trees are beginning to blossom....Read more

Economist predicting Israel house prices to go up

Last week we reported that the Bank of Israel dropped interest rates but were hoping it wouldn’t affect housing prices. However, one leading economist has already spotted an upward trend. Haim Natan, Chief Economist with Menorah Mivtachim, comments that...Read more

Interest Rates Down — Will Housing Prices Go Up?

The Bank of Israel dropped interest rates by a quarter of a point to 2.5%. Usually as interest rates go down, housing prices go up, but the Bank of Israel hopes that won’t be the case this time. The central bank is hoping that the recent softening of...Read more

Rare 1913 film of Trumpeldor at Migdal

Here’s a rare film from 1913 showing a one-armed Joseph Trumpeldor plowing a field in Migdal shortly after he arrived in Israel from Russia. You can see the Arbel mountain and the Kinneret in the background. Trumpeldor was the most highly decorated...Read more

Dollar up – Prices Down – Here’s an example

After checking this morning, the US dollar was 3.54 shekels a year ago. Today it’s 3.78. That’s an increase of 6.7%. At the same time, the real estate boom has slowed and prices have dropped on average 3.7% in the last four months (more in...Read more

Chana with a Grapefruit in the Olive Orchard

We were looking at some farms in Migdal for a client and spent some time walking through olive, grapefruit and mango orchards. It was a beautiful and even spiritual experience. Here’s Chana enjoying a lucious grapefruit and explaining how she’s...Read more